Current Trainee Collaboration Projects

Last update: June 2017

The NFORC Trainee Collaborative team currently have two projects under development.

1. Coronectomy vs. complete extraction of mandibular third molars

  • There are some debate as to whether the risk of inferior alveolar nerve injury (IANI) is a significant consideration when offering treatment options for impacted mandbular third molars
  • This study seeks to compare the incidence of nerve damage (and other clinical outcomes) or coronectomy vs. conventional third molar extraction.

2. Cerezen, an in-ear device for the treatment of pain associated with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD)

  • One of the standard treatments for pain associated with TMD is occlusal splints. Splints have to be worn every night, have varied clinical efficacy and there are questions surrounding the evidence supporting their use.
  • The Cerezen device is a 3D printed insert following the contours of the patients’ ear canal in order to increase space within the joint to relieve pressure and also to provide comfort. The FDA approved device can be worn all day long with no effect on the patient’s hearing.
  • NFORC has been involved in developing a multicentre clinical study comparing it to splints for the reduction of pain in the hope that this could be offered to the vast number of patients presenting to dentists and doctors with pain around their jaw joints.