Developing & Submitting a Project Proposal

NFORC welcomes research ideas at the earliest stages. We can help you at every step to develop your project proposal.

To be considered for inclusion in the NFORC trials portfolio, you will be required to submit a Summary Research Proposal for peer review. The summary (approximately 200 words) should highlight the nature of the problem, the need for the research, the hypothesis to be tested, the methods to be used, and the significance and unique features of the research.

You will receive feedback on your summary from NFORC and your Speciality Lead and may be invited to present your proposal at one of the twice-yearly NFORC Research Summits for peer review.

Before you apply for support to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Medical Research Council (MRC), other government or major charity funder such as Cancer Research UK (CRUK), there are 3 main requirements:

  • Literature review
  • Patient feedback
  • Online survey of clinicians

Download our step by step guide to developing your research proposal here

For further information or assistance, please contact us.