National Orthognathic Audit

Title  National Orthognathic Audit
Acronym  NOA
Study Type National Clinical Audit
Status  NOA is on hold; Jaw Surgery Feedback survey is on-going
Funding  Saving Faces – The Facial Surgery Research Foundation



This audit collected information about patients undergoing orthognathic surgery. This treatment repositions the jaws to correct imbalance between the upper and lower jaws to enable the teeth to bite together correctly. It also has the benefit of balancing and enhancing facial appearance.

What did the audit measure?

The audit aimed to determine:

  • The quality of care provided
  • The best treatment options for patients
  • Whether patients are benefiting from their treatment
  • The type of surgery undertaken and the outcome

What does the Jaw Surgery Feedback measure?

Alongside the audit, there is also a survey for patients who have undergone orthognathic surgery, which is currently on-going. This survey asks how patients feel after their corrective jaw surgery. The responses enable us to identify areas where practitioners could make improvements for patients in the future. The survey could be completed on paper or electronically.

Who managed the audit?

The audit was instigated by British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (BAOMS) and British Orthodontic Society (BOS). It was funded by Saving Faces – The Facial Surgery Research Foundation and co-ordinated by the National Facial and Oral Research Centre (NFORC), a branch of Saving Faces. NHS Digital provided the IT infrastructure and data management support.

Relevant Materials

NFORC Director

Professor Iain Hutchison

Clinical Research Manager

Fran Ridout

For further information, please contact Fran Ridout.

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